Complementary Therapist

and Tutor


Dip IIR (UK) - MCThA - Dip ITEC A&P - Cert ITEC IHM

MATATh - Founder MING C&G 7307 -

EMBODY Registered & Approved Reiki Master/Teacher

Registered METAMORPHIC TECHNIQUE Practitioner




"My first meeting with the late John Moorhouse, the originator of Neuroflexology, was at an AoR Reflexology seminar. He told me that he was developing his own technique and therapy which we would all hear about one day.


Later my own Reflexologist told me about Neuroflexology as she had heard about it and knew John had specified that he wanted to teach Teachers first. I spent 5 days with John learning his new therapy, practising on his own clients, which led to becoming a Founder Member of the International Guild of Neuroflexology, formerly the British Neuroflexology Guild.


I found my own Case Studies fascinating as I was treading uncharted waters and quickly discovered there was more to Neuroflexology than I expected, in particular the simplicity of the technique responds to the complexity of human nature. I am delighted to be presenting this course with Jackie and Jennie, which is pioneering in the world of Complementary Therapy, and warmly welcome you to join us."












Complementary Therapist

and Tutor


SRN, D32/D33/D34, Cert Ed Post 16, Founder MING,

Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner and Teacher

MSc for Health Care Education




"I trained as a General Nurse at Westminster Hospital, London. In 1990 I took my Nursing into full time Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology® (UK) becoming a tutor in 1993, then National Director in 2010 and now Principal & Quality Assurance Coordinator for the IIR(UK) Schools, as well as voluntary vice-president of the International Council of Reflexologists Board. I used Reflexology research in my dissertation for my MSc for Health Care Education at Sheffield Hallam University.


I continue to enjoy my private practice using my qualifications in Advanced Reflexology Technique, Krieger Kunz Therapeutic Touch and Bach Flower Remedies as well as training in VRT, EFT, Maternity Reflexology, Nerve Reflexology, BodyTalk System and Electronic Medicine with the Harmonic Translation System.


I knew John Moorhouse the Originator of Neuroflexology, who sadly passed away in 2008, in my days with the Reflexology Forum. John wrote ‘Rethinking Reflexology’ which hinted at a therapy he was working with that intrigued me enough to ask to be trained to teach it. This training consisted of one week’s intense practical work to assimilate the technique, followed by marked case studies to show the understanding of assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating treaments and thereby gaining experience to pass it on. My personal experience during the week was of a painful knee at the start, which after three treatment sessions became free of pain.


In 2012 I along with, other approved trainers, Jackie and Tania launched the British Neuroflexology Guild, now the International Neuroflexology Guild."



Complementary Therapist

and Tutor


Founder MING, British Wheel of Yoga Diploma,

City & Guilds 7307 Adult Teaching Certificate,

Reiki Master




"I received regular treatments from John Moorhouse, the Originator of Neuroflexology, and benefited so much that I was very keen to train in this therapy and be able to offer it to others. I have long been interested in supporting people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and feel Neuroflexology is an ideal tool. I have witnessed some amazing results, some immediate and others over a period of time. Some people have felt immediately calmer or happier – it has been lovely to see those smiles in someone who has been feeling low. I have noticed others becoming more motivated and gradually making beneficial changes in their lives. I particularly love being able to treat people in groups, some people who would perhaps not have been able to access treatment in a clinical setting. I have recently retired from work in mental health services and am very much looking forward to having more time to train people in this very useful therapy."









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